Recent Discoveries In Alternative Treatment Reveal...

How To Get Immediate Relief From A Headache Or Migraine Within Minutes…
And stop it before your day is completely ruined.

A little-known method to achieve instant relief from pain and other symptoms without any medication, side effects, expensive equipment, or long energy-draining treatments.

Dear Friend,

How much better would your life be if …
  • Painful headaches and migraine days are just distant memories from the past.

  • You had a magical button to stop a headache or migraine attack – before it even starts.

  • You can completely avoid the feeling of brain fog, dizziness, nausea, and throbbing pain, removing these nasty symptoms rapidly.

  • Do it all without using medications, expensive machinery, or lengthy therapy.

  • You can overcome the pain almost instantly.

  • Without locking yourself in a dark room for hours or days, feeling like you need to run away from the world…
    just to seek some relief or refuge from the pain.

Yes, what I’m about to share with you today will prove that it is possible to…

  • Live life free of the fear that a migraine is lurking around the corner.

  • Gain back control over your life – instead of letting the pain control it.

  • Go travel, meet friends, enjoy quality time with the family, go to parties, concerts, and other social events – pain-free…

    …bringing back fun and joy to your life.

And most importantly…

Know that if that feeling of a painful headache or an aura is just starting to appear, you have a powerful and almost supernatural ability to make it go away.

Every single time.

As you watch the excruciating pain become a distant memory as it vanishes from your life…

Sounds Too Good to Be True... Doesn't It?

Well, it doesn’t have to be!

And here’s why…

My name is Tomer Weiss of the Association for Treatment of Migraine & Headache (MNMHT).

As a certified therapist, yoga instructor, and migraine and headache expert with over a decade of experience in researching and successfully helping those who suffer from migraines & headaches

I know that when I recommend treatment to my clients – it will genuinely improve how they feel and experience pain.

What I’m about to share with you today… is really a game-changer treatment.

Treating many people over the years, and even suffering from migraines myself…

I’m here to tell you that if you’re enduring soul-crushing, energy-draining …migraines and headaches… that rob you of the simple pleasures in life, please know that…

You Are Not Suffering Alone!​

In fact, researchers from Harvard Medical School¹   found that one in every seven adults in the U.S. had experienced severe headaches or migraines in the previous 3 months.

And according to the World Health Organization², – 1 In 20 people are experiencing painful throbbing pain in the head, moderate or severe headache, or full-blown migraine attack – almost every day.

Now, if you’re like most folks, you’ve probably been told by your health care practitioner that the only way to overcome headaches or migraines is to:

Try using medication,
try using special equipment,
try expensive treatments and procedures.

Or even worse…
Altogether avoid anything that can even slightly trigger the pain.
And there is an even more common mantra:
“There is no cure for migraines.”
Unfortunately, that’s not quite the truth.
Recent groundbreaking data has proven that…

Most Doctors Are Wrong - DEAD WRONG!​

It’s true.

Recent discoveries in medicine finally bring new hope for migraine sufferers.

For many years, there was no effective treatment to help migraines.

There were only a few painkillers and some psychiatric medications with multiple uncomfortable side effects³.

Migraine patients had to play a game of Russian roulette, trying one medication after the other in hopes of a solution, finding little relief.

Patients would then suffer not only debilitating headaches, nausea, and other migraine symptoms, but also depression, frustration, and anxiety.

And maybe the worst thing about headache medication is a side effect… medication overuse headache, a headache caused by using headache medications.

People try all sorts of procedures just to make the pain go away…

– Injecting poisonous botox
– Consuming CBD
– Wearing tinted glasses
– Acupuncture
– Connecting all sorts of electronic devices

… even piercing their ears (I’m not joking)

Treatments that work only for some people, only some of the time.

Bringing only partial and temporary relief that in the long run stops working.

You see, modern medicine is really good at developing solutions to symptoms.

But, often, they don’t know how to treat the core causes of the migraine headache.

Because so far, they don’t have a good treatment for migraines… 

in most cases, you would be prescribed pills that were made for completely different diseases like epilepsy, depression, or psychotic disorders.

And those are the “light” ones.

Some Migraine medications, like sumatriptan, are known to increase the risk of a heart attack.

Doctors might also prescribe you addictive opioids – that can easily ruin your life.


These medications mess with your brain, your nervous system, your inner balance.

And it’s easy to feel it!

That’s why you may feel like a walking zombie after taking them.

So much so that some of my patients actually prefer experiencing migraine pain, nausea & brain fog to the side effects of medication.

And that’s just absurd. All these try to manage or mask the signals your body is sending…

That something is probably not okay.

The Hidden Cause of Nearly Every Headache and Migraine Attack – REVEALED!

The real reason you experience the pain is that your nervous system is getting out of balance – and some specific nerves in your head become too sensitive.

Translating any pressure, sound, touch, light, or even smell… as pain.

Any slight and gentle sensation – can feel like a bullet piercing through your head.

When in fact – it’s just a normal sensation.
Your brain becomes uncalibrated, and signals from the nervous system are interpreted as pain.

As time goes by – the feeling of pain increases, the brain becomes even more sensitive.

Every small signal to the brain feels more and more painful…
Adding more gas to the burning fire that is your migraine.

That is a slippery slope…

Because once this process begins – it’s tough to stop it.

In most cases, medication and other medical interventions have little effect in stopping this process.

Leaving you alone, being a victim of your own body.

We are conditioned to believe there’s a pill for every problem,
And of course… the easy solution is just to “pop a pill.”

Big pharma likes to sell pills because they make a lot of money.

So it’s easy to ignore that your pain is just a symptom, and the real problem lies deep inside of your brain…

What I’m about to share with you today is not a magic pill but a completely different approach to stopping the pain.

How to Rewire Your Brain to Achieve Immediate Relief From Pain…

If you are here, I’m pretty sure that you’ve tried many treatments, methods, medications, or equipment.

Yet your pain has found no relief.

I can also understand if you feel skeptical about anyone who offers a new or unknown magical solution.

So, it’s only natural if you are wondering…

What makes this method work where everything you tried before – failed you?

The answer is in the unique & proprietary combination of elements.

A few are known, but most of them are my discoveries.

To be honest, I found this method almost by mistake. 

I was trying to help one of my patients overcome an overwhelming migraine so paralyzing she couldn’t even move or open her eyes…

Using only my fingers and applying pressure to a few specific & precise spots around the head – the migraine attack was quickly over.

Since then, with this method, I have helped people of all ages from all around the world to take their physical and mental health back into their own hands.

It Is Common To Hear Statements Like This From People Who Tried This Method:

“It was crazy noticing the pain wandering in my body until it lost its power.”

“I tried the method and the pain, the sickness, and the dizziness went away after 30 minutes. I was mind blown!”

“It works amazingly! Right after the treatment, the migraine went away.”

“I woke up for the first time in months with no headaches… no drug fog from taking painkillers… I had my life back!”

It Happens Every Time...

In every retreat, in Thailand or Bali or other places around the globe, we would have that one participant who would complain about a headache.

An uncomfortable pain prevented them from participating in a class or activity…

For most people… the immediate response would be to just take some painkillers and hope the pain would quickly disappear.

Which is quite funny.

Students used to pay a lot of money to go on one of these health or detox retreats – just to fill the body back again with drugs or medication.

So, my usual suggestion would be – let me try to help you with the headache.

You see, almost 16 years ago, I learned about a method used by chiropractors to relieve headaches, by applying pressure to three specific points in the head.

In most cases, that worked really well, and the headache would be gone within just a few minutes of applying that technique.

They would almost always be shocked to see how effective it was. Knowing that they can go back to the retreat with their headache being relieved naturally.

The first time I encountered a really severe migraine - it was a completely different case …

A few years ago, a young student joined one of us sharing pretty much the same thing:

“Sorry, but I don’t think I can do anything today, I feel like my mind is about to explode!”

I thought she was just being a bit dramatic.

Little did I know how a migraine attack feels…

I immediately tried to help her by telling her…

“I think I can help your headache go away.”

she quickly responded,

“it won’t help. It’s a migraine, not a headache!”

“Still, let me try,” I insisted….

“Go ahead,” she said… ”I don’t have anything to lose, my day is anyway over…”

she sighed with a look of complete hopelessness.

Starting with her scalp, I gently applied pressure to specific pressure points I knew would work.

Moving my fingers from one spot to another, following the pattern I was taught, with the expectation that the pain would quickly disappear.

“Where is the pain now?” I asked…

“It moved to the side of my head,” she answered.

I modified the technique, and immediately she was shouting, “OOOACH,” while following with, “Now it moved to the back of my head.”

“Really?” I was quite shocked… This specific sequence used to work almost every time.

But now the pain was in a different place… and I wasn’t really sure how to deal with it.

Feeling like the original method reached its end, I felt ashamed and disappointed.

I really wanted to help, but with no results to show – I was ready to give up…
To this day, I don’t really know why… but all of a sudden I started to feel inspired to try something new.

I started feeling that there is a way to make it work.

A small, yet effective change that just has to work!

I realized that the migraine was not happening just in my client’s head, it was a full-body experience.

It required a counterintuitive solution, that combined several elements.

Again, I started moving my fingers and pressure point from one spot to another, almost playing hide and seek with the pain.

Making it stop in one spot… just to have it reappear in a different location on her head.

I had no clue where this experiment was going, but I felt almost obsessed with some higher power… and the belief that, with my experience, I could really help.

A few minutes passed, and I noticed she was no longer squinching her face, and her eyes stopped tearing.

Her body was more relaxed. She gently shut her eyes and stopped moving abruptly with every touch of my fingers.

She was breathing slowly and calmly… and I even started to feel calmer and at ease.

“Where do you feel the pain now?” I quietly asked her…

It took her 30 long seconds to reply, and then she said… “I don’t feel the pain.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes, it feels like the pain is gone.”

After 10 minutes, she stood up, hugged me, and told me… “You saved my life!”

“Why?” I was truly surprised…

“Usually, my migraine attacks last three days,” she told me.

A Three-Day Migraine Attack - Relieved in Less Than 30 Minutes

I think we were both kind of shocked… that this kind of pain can be cured so quickly.

To know that the pain attack didn’t ruin the rest of her week, and she was quickly back on her feet, feeling like herself again.

I have to admit this experience touched me deeply, like no other type of treatment I have given before.

All my life, I was excited about helping people get over chronic pain, deep emotions of misery, or other issues that cluttered their minds.

But this feeling of giving someone a life-changing treatment, showing them that suffering is not the only option… is the reason why I decided to become a therapist.

That evening, I sat down and started documenting everything I did in that session, not knowing where it would lead.

From that day – I made a massive shift in my own life…

I decided to devote my life to curing headaches and migraines.

It led me to discover the little-known root cause of the devastating pain people experience…

And then… to understand what was happening that day.

How come this treatment was so effective – while so many other treatments (including medications) are not?

The Truth About Migraines

Each headache is different: different types of pain, intensity, or location.

Migraines, generally speaking, is the result of high sensitivity in the nervous system.

The main facial nerve involved in migraines is the Trigeminal nerve.
It gives us the ability to feel and control the face and the top of the head.

The signals from this nerve are processed in a center deep in the brain called the Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus.

Also known simply as: SpV

It is believed that this center, when ‘out of calibration,’ is responsible for the pain we experience.

By interpreting any signal incorrectly as pain.

How exactly?

Let me try to help you understand…

Various triggers and imbalances in your nervous system (which we will help you resolve).

Cause what I call an “electrical storm in the brain” (also know as Cortical Spreading depression¹²³).

Some of us experience it as the migraine aura, or as the tiredness, irritation, and lack of concentration that come before an attack.

This phenomenon occurs in the outer part of our brains and creates an inflammation that makes the nerves of the face and head too sensitive.

All the nerves in the head start producing signals of pain, all the time, for no real reason.

 But this is only the beginning.

 These nerves are part of the Trigeminal nerve which connects into the deeper parts of your brain, in SpV.

The SpV is responsible for “understanding” what the nerves of the head are signaling and turning that into a sensation you can feel.

When your SpV receives so many pain signals it gets too confused and losses its normal function.

From that moment it doesn’t matter what signal it gets, it can be the blood flowing, a light touch on your skin, or your facial muscles flexing.

It will produce only one sensation.

The horrible throbbing pain you know all too well.

This Hypersensitization is the problem

Pain is an automatic body response meant to help us – and not to make our lives miserable.

When you touch a sharp object or something hot – the pain experienced by the nerves is meant to move us away from the source.

The brain thinks that something might be dangerous for us…

So it’s better to move away – NOW!

But in a headache – there isn’t a real danger.

Our head isn’t really being pressed by a heavy rock or a weight.

So to prove this to the brain, that everything is okay – we use a unique hack.

The Science Behind This Method

The MHRM Protocol works by addressing the cause of migraines deep in the brain – and not just the symptoms.

We recalibrate the nerves so they stop producing constant pain without a reason.

When we apply pressure to specific points in the head and around the body, we activate nerve endings connected to the deep centers in the brain that produce the pain.

The trick of the method is that when we use these in combination with elements of awareness, breathing, and “body hacks,” … a restart process begins, that stops the pain and brings our brain back to normal.

The method works step by step to “recalibrate” one brain area after the other; once we finish recalibrating each area, a different symptom is resolved. Specific pains, the nausea, the light sensitivity, each one is connected to another nerve, and each are resolved.

That’s why it’s much better than just watching some so-called “quick-relief” videos on YouTube.

They might teach you some of the right pressure points, but without the other important elements that are crucial to get the relief you are looking for.

This pain restart helps the brain differentiate between real pain signals and the signals created by our hypersensitive nerves.

Signaling to your mind that everything is okay, and you can continue with your day safely, and most importantly… pain-free!

Can The Pain Really Stop By Just Pressing Some Spots?

This method is allowing the nervous system to recover faster without needing to sleep it off.

Simply put, the method hacks the brain.

It helps the various brain centers to stop making the mistake of translating any light or tiny signal as pain.

Instead… the brain realizes that everything is okay.

We are not really in danger… and the pain we experience is not necessary.

This method effectively ends the Migraine Attack (or headache) and brings the entire nervous system back to normal.

To be clear…

It’s not only pressure points.
It’s not just a massage.
It’s not wishful thinking.

It’s a holistic method that completely stops the pain by changing the way your brain interprets the signals from the face and head.

Rather than every signal being interpreted as pain.
Gentle touch becomes just what it really is, light touch.

Light reverts to being just light and smells are just smells.
They don’t bother you, and they don’t hurt you anymore.

Finally, your brain will experience the world like others that don’t suffer from migraine do.

I know, it might sound weird.

Or maybe you are still not 100% clear how exactly it works.

That’s why I’m going to prove this to you – by actually letting you experience this wonder for yourself.

To date, I developed 35+ different techniques to reduce, ease, and completely relieve various aspects of migraine or headaches.

By reading carefully what I’m about to share with you – you will see how it is possible to get access to some of the most effective techniques available to stop the pain.

A Ground-breaking Treatment Method... released to the world fo the first time

For the first few years, I practiced these methods with a small group of patients who visited me in my clinic on the island of Bali.

With each success, each person who experienced the MHRM method’s life-transforming effect – I knew that something big was coming.

Patients started telling their friends.

They were sharing in online groups and forums about the miracle they had experienced.

I started getting so much interest that, in the year 2020, I held the first scientific trial of the method, and in 2021 the first research paper about the method was published.

Again, the results were astonishing.

We estimate that method is effective in more than 85% of the most common types of headaches and migraine. (Link to case reports)

My clinic started getting so many requests from people who wanted to know if this would reduce their pain.

Overwhelmed by emails, I opened an Instagram account to share my finding and look for more people who would want to participate in worldwide research.

Hundreds of people applied – and I launched the first online program.

What I discovered is that sharing this knowledge online is much more effective than what I was expecting…

instead of teaching this method to patients one at a time.

All of the techniques I created, 35 in number – were turned into short videos.

These videos show you how, when, and why each technique should be applied step by step.

Not only was I able to share them with a lot more people,
But they practically turned out to be an on-demand cure for the pain.

Instead of waiting to visit my clinic or get an SOS treatment, I was able to guide my patients through all of the necessary pain-relieving techniques online – wherever and whenever they needed it.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical myself that it would work.

But the end result, 1000’s of people worldwide who learn to stop the pain – was well worth it.

A goal that I knew was worth pursuing.

To my surprise… every migraine or headache sufferer who tried them – was immediately hooked.

They felt that they finally found a method to make the pain go away.
To quickly go back to their day-to-day life – pain and suffering-free…

And most importantly… to no longer have any fear.
Because they all knew that this quick and efficient remedy lay in their own hands.

This realization was a turning point in my approach to helping people heal:
I decided that I would put all my effort into bringing this method out to the public.

Knowing with my whole heart that the solution to cure the pain worldwide – is finally here.

So, I’m happy to finally bring my new online training to the world.

The Migraine & Headache Relief Method

Learn the method that can stop Migraine attacks & Headaches within minutes & prevent it from recurring

The migraine and headache relief method works fast,
In most cases, it’s faster than medications.

A regular headache can be eliminated within 5 to 10 minutes,

A migraine between 10 and 30 minutes.

No medications, which means…
no side effects,
no drowsiness,
no depression,
no digestion issues,
no nausea,
no dizziness,
no discomfort.

And you can do it anywhere.
At any time you need it.
In the office or on the bus.
Even when your family is around.

No need for any gadgets; you will be completely free and independent.

The method is really easy to perform and to learn.
It’s like you have a private headache therapist right there with you guiding you all the way.

You don’t need to learn, read or study before you can apply it.

You access it like an app with videos guiding you in real-time.

Today, you get a one-time opportunity to join this unique online training and be part of the first worldwide study group.

We are opening the doors for the first group of students who want to transform their lives…

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Migraines & Headaches, Feel Great, And Start To Take Control Of Your Life Once And For All?

This is how to get started...

Since my mission is to reach as many people like you as possible…

People who understand just how frustrating and crippling this pain can be…

I’ve priced this as low as possible… to remove every potential barrier.

Today, when you choose to invest in yourself,
heal the pain once and for all and join the program …

your investment is only $7.

That’s enough to weed out the “freebie seekers” who won’t actually take action…

And it’s just enough to cover our expenses.

Ultimately… those who see the value… and potential…

Have told me this is the biggest no-brainer – maybe ever.

If you’d like to experience the power of the MHRH for yourself…

And stop migraines & headaches before they even start…
Simply by using your own fingers…


What People Are Saying About This Method...

“It works amazing! right after the treatment the migraine went away, I didn’t need to rest in a dark room and the pain didn’t come back for the next 40 days.

Natasha Dimitriou, Yoga Teacher and human being.

“The first time I experienced this treatment I was in shock at how quickly my headache disappeared and I was blown away by how effective this simple technique was

Faith O’Higgins, USA.

“I have never had anything work this fast for my headaches. I suffer from headaches arising from many reasons, and this technique always helps me.

Artemis, Canada.

“I’ve been suffering from Migraines for almost 20 years. I tried the headache relief method and after 15-20 minutes I felt so much better. I highly recommend it

Jonathan Prezman, U.K.
Get started using the MHRM protocol today!

When you join our training you’ll get:

Detailed videos to guide you through the crucial steps of the method

Online Resources that are available to you 24/7

5 quick pain relief techniques to alleviate the most common different types of pains & symptoms.

Access to a Support group of your peers and qualified therapists.

Now You Have The Power To Heal Yourself - And Stop The Pain in minutes

The MHRM protocol TM aka The Migraine & Headache Relief Method is a method you can apply yourself anywhere & at any time.

Going beyond mere prevention, it is the only method available that can stop an active migraine or headache, even when you are in the middle of an attack.

Without the use of medications, faster, and without the side effects.

Effective Methods That Can Finally Be Used For Your Own Benefit.

The MHRM protocolTM combines many known and proven practices: Bio-feedback, breath work, pressure points, mindfulness, & more.

Any of these elements alone can be somewhat effective. 

But together – they become a powerful remedy for the pain.

Our secret is in the unique way we combined them. For the first time – turning them into what is in our opinion (and that of many others)…
the most effective tool to combat Migraines and Headaches available today.

By applying a sequence of exercises adapted specifically to each case, we stimulate the nerve endings in the face and head, then a combination of specific body positions, breathing, and mindfulness to biologically recalibrate the brain back to normal, ending the pain and other symptoms you experience.

In this sense, every MHRM protocol technique works similarly to some special wearable medical devices (that usually cost a fortune).
But thank to this method – you don’t need to buy them just to see if they work or not. Not to mention the fact that you need to take them everywhere you go. Just in case the pain will appear.

Instead, this method puts the power in your own hands. And it’s possible to achieve similar if not better results, without using any devices.

The MHRM protocol can also replace painkillers as well as migraine prevention medications. It only takes five minutes to start feeling the difference, and not more than 15 to 30 minutes to return back to normal, even in the most severe migraine attack.

Tried & Tested

The MHRM protocol has been tested by your peers and proven to bring relief in more than 90% of cases. The MHRM protocol is now under clinical testing.

Like having your own personal Headache Specialist

Know which techniques to use and how to apply them for your specific pains; we will guide you step-by-step from where you are now to being completely pain-free.

Effective Intervention Techniques

Each type of headache is different: different types of pain, intensity, or location. Each one of our Intervention techniques is designed to alleviate a different type of migraine or headache.

In this mini-course, you will learn 5 different techniques that will always be available when you need them. It will help you to find the technique or sequence that will work best for you.

These techniques are effective in most cases. When you join our mini-course today – you also unlock to option to try more techniques that are useful in other cases.

Fully guided in real time

The simple-to-follow videos & instructions allow you to start resolving your Migraines & Headaches immediately. 

No need to study lengthy texts and formulas, just press play and follow along with the demonstration on the screen.

Beginner friendly prevention techniques

Get 5 of our unique and effective prevention techniques that will help you avoid having migraines or headaches at all.

Supportive Community

Surround yourself with other people overcoming  their Migraines & Headaches naturally with the power in their own hands!

Nina Deutch

Migraine has been a part of my life for 15 years now. Throughout these years the type of migraine changed as well as the triggers for causing it. But what stayed the same is how I can get rid of it: pills of course. 

I am forever grateful meeting Tomer who gave me the headache relief treatments. It was crazy noticing the pain wandering in my body until it lost its power. Such an intense experience. I highly recommend this method to everyone who is ready for a new way of healing.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Migraines & Headaches, Feel Great, And Start To Take Control Of Your Life Once And For All?



If at any time you don’t like the techniques, the advice, the program, or you feel you want something else, we’ll give you your money back.

Put the method to the test. Follow the videos and apply the method. And if it doesn’t work for you – no problem, we’ll refund your money.

This Is Going To Change Everything!

Once you have experienced this unique method, you will feel the immediate relief of your pain, accompanied by more emotional, physical, and psychological benefits.

But… how can I really prove to you that it works beyond testimonials or my own words?

Simple. You try it out for yourself.

My offer for you is to get the access to learn method, 5 different techniques, and try it out for 30 days before committing.

So you can make sure 100% it works for you.

The MHRM protocol is a simple and fully-guided procedure, which can be mastered quickly and can be applied in any situation. No more darkened rooms, brain fog, or dependence on medications and their bothersome side effects.

The MHRM protocol will give you the confidence you need to live freely without worry or pain.

Prevent symptoms, and in some cases – even help prevent migraines and headaches in the future.

It looks like there is finally a pain-free light at the end of this tunnel.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Migraines & Headaches, Feel Great, And Start To Take Control Of Your Life Once And For All?

Complete List of Benefits

Here's The Deal...

You don’t need to figure out anything for yourself. This method is a tool for life.

Once you learn the method, you have it, and you will always have it.

Think about all those times you had to miss school or work.

All the times you had to miss out on friends or your family.

Instead of playing with your children on the weekends, you lie in bed waiting for the world to stop hurting. With this method, that can be a thing of the past.

Whenever you feel a migraine or headache coming, you simply apply the techniques and, in a few minutes, you will be back to normal.

You will gain independence, health, energy, vitality…

And you will get your life back.

Finally investing in this course actually saves you money.

On average a migraineur will spend upwards to US$1,000 per year out of their own pocket to treat their condition, and that’s each and every year.

When you purchase the training, you get lifetime access for just $7.

You will get a tool that will save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

Remember, you have 30 days to try it out without committing.

If it doesn’t work for you, you will get your money refunded.

This is my ironclad money-back guarantee.

So go ahead and join the hundreds of people that are using this method

Unlock special techniques and make migraines and headaches a thing of your past.

Have a great and pain-free day,

Tomer Weiss


Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Migraines & Headaches, Feel Great, And Start To Take Control Of Your Life Once And For All?

Frequently Asked Questions​

The MHRM protocol aka The Migraine & Headache Relief method is a ground-breaking program that will give you all of the tools that you need to get rid of Migraines & Headaches and take back control of your life.

The Migraine & Headache Relief Method is the only method that can bring relief to migraines once the pain has erupted and does so faster and more effective than medications. When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to all the videos and materials of the course.

You will receive a fully-guided introduction so you can apply the 5 Techniques & 10 Sequences that provide immediate relief for the most common headache types.

Together with this, you will gain access to the auxiliary techniques that will boost your health and to the Prevention techniques which can eliminate Migraines and Headaches before they even begin.

All those who purchase the program will also have access to our private support group where you can ask questions and share your experience with others who are using the method as well

For light migraines as well as regular headaches, the method can work in as little as 5-10 minutes. For medium migraines, it can take 10-30 minutes.

For the worst cases I have seen, and we are talking here of those 4-day long, stay-in-bed, the-whole-world-hurts kind of migraines it can take up to an hour. But no more than that.

Absolutely no time. You can start applying the techniques immediately after purchasing the course. At most, I recommend watching 2 videos of 10 minutes so you understand the method more deeply and make your performance of it more effective.

All the videos are guided, you don’t need to learn anything, just use the Migraine & Headache Cheatsheet and apply the technique prescribed for the pain you are experiencing.

For migraines, yes. For tension type headaches, yes. We have tested this method extensively with many different migraine types and tension type headaches and found it effective. The only type of headache we have not tested this method on yet is cluster headaches. If you happen to suffer from cluster headaches, contact me directly via the contact form here and I will add you to the trials we will conduct for this type of headache.

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Your Migraines & Headaches, Feel Great, And Start To Take Control Of Your Life Once And For All?


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