How the method came to be.

Small Beginnings

Let me share with you how this method came to be. About 15 years ago, as part of my training to be a yoga teacher, I encountered a method of Armenian Chiropractics that had in it many different techniques, 5 of those techniques were helpful in cases of headaches. After practicing this form of chiropractics for a while I decided to practice other things, It was my move from the world of Yoga to the World of Therapy. But, when I was working with clients, when they would present with headaches I would use from time to time these 5 techniques, to help remove the pain so we could focus on the session at had. Over time I discarded 2 of the techniques that I felt were too aggressive and had some risks in them, I wanted this method to be completely safe, and so I was left with 3 techniques. These 3 techniques btw are techniques 1,2 & 5 of the method I have developed.

3 Techniques

These 3 techniques helped… they would diminish the pain, but most often not relieve it completely, something was missing. As the years past I deepened my study of human Neurology, Psychology and Anatomy, and the more I learned different models of therapy I picked up small bits that I found that when added to these 3 techniques made them more effective, such as the breathing, the posture, the relaxation and more, These are all the basic principles of the technique that you will find in Section 2 of the course. It were these elements which took the technique from just helping a bit with the pain, to completely relieving from it, I found that it was the unique combination of the elements that made it all work and which differentiated it from other headache relief methods I had encountered.

A Step Forward

Then in 2017 the next major development started to happen, I was treating a young woman for a headache which was presenting in the front of her head, and applied the techniques that I had learned and practiced for years, and they did offer her relief from the pain she was experiencing, however her pain did not disappear and simply moved to another part of the head. This had happened many times before, to which point I usually accepted that this was all I could offer to the person, but not this time.

My Contribution

I have what you may call a good sense of empathy, Neurologists would attribute this perhaps to highly developed mirror neurons, these neurons in a sense make us feel what the person we are observing is feeling. And so I could in a sense “feel” where her pain was, and more than that I felt what would help me relieve it. And so I decided to apply a new technique, one based on some traditional Indian practice, but which was never, to the best of my knowledge, applied to headaches. And it worked. That moment I decided I would never let a Headache or Migraine ‘Win’, that I would keep working until I found a technique for any kind of pain I was presented with, and so I began to experiment, using my sensitivity to identify how the pain was moving, and based on all the techniques I had learned in other places, and when there were none, simply developing them by myself.

I kept developing this method, every time I was presented with a harder and harder case and every time I did tried more and more things until I reached a resolution of the pain. If in the beginning I could maybe help 30% of headache sufferers, by the end of the development of this method I felt I had reached close to 100% effectiveness in treating tension type headaches, and 90% effectiveness in treating migraines, And I mean relieving the pain completely….

A Heartfelt Wish To Help

The next development was made when I was asked for support from a distance. A friend of mine, suffering from a rare form of headaches similar to Cluster Headaches, was asking for help. I understood I needed to turn this technique from a method I could use to help myself and others to a method anyone could apply on themselves.

So I stopped giving headache relief treatments, and instead I would guide the other person, without touching their body, just with words so they would apply the techniques for themselves. In this way I found different and new ways to do the techniques when they are self-applied (there are some crucial differences between applying this to ourselves than to treating others). After a few months of working in this way I felt I had the entire method ready for self-application. I had been working on it for 3 years. And just needed to film it.

An Unwarranted Break

And so In early 2020, when Covid-19 struck the world I found I was locked down, and used the opportunity to film and bring to life the method that you can find on this website. Each one of the techniques has been tested, modified for self-appliance, and tested more. And now all you need to do is to apply it. So go try the first technique and you will see that even this one technique can help you immensely, then if you purchase the course you will learn all the elements which make it even more effective, and you will learn all the sequences, how to deal with Migraines, and 25 techniques in total that address any and all kinds of head pains.