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How was the  method developed?

The MHRM protocol, or The Migraine & Headache Relief Method was developed in an evidence based approach. It started out more than 15 years ago as a set of cranial massages.

These were combined with various other techniques and methodologies. By a process of trial and error the key elements were identified, isolated and adapted.

Today the method encompasses more than 20+ techniques each one containing the key elements adapted and tested for various scenarios to give relief to practically all forms of Migraines & Headaches.

Meet Tomer  

Tomer Weiss (וייס תומר), the researcher behind the MHRMprotocol, is a therapist, a yoga teacher & a life coach. He has a B.A in psychology, and has trained in multiple methods of psychotherapy and body oriented therapies. He has been practicing Body oriented psychotherapy for the past 10 years and teaching Yoga & Yoga Therapy for the past 15.

“I have always made it my goal to help people overcome suffering. I believe strongly in experimentation, and I follow only such techniques as can yield measurable results. It was from this standpoint that I have approached the development of the method I now call the ‘MHRMprotocol’