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The MHRMprotocol aka  The Migraine & Headache Relief method is a ground-breaking program that will give you all of the tools that you need to get rid of Migraines & Headahces and take back control of your life. The Migraine & Headache Relief Method is the only method that can bring relief to migraines once the pain has erupted, and does so faster and more effective than Medications. When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to all the videos and materials of the course. You will receive a fully guided introduction so you can apply the 25 Techniques & 10 Sequences that provide immediate relief for practically all headache types. Together with this you will gain access to the Auxiliary techniques that will boost your health and to the Prevention techniques which can eliminate Migraines and Headaches before they even begin. All those who purchase the program will also have access our private support group where you can ask questions and share your experience with others who are using the method as well

For Light migraines as well as regular headaches the method can work within as little as 5-10 minutes. For medium migraines it can take 10-30 minutes to work. For the worst cases I have seen, and we are talking here of those 4 day long, stay in bed, the whole world hurts kind of migraines it can take up to an hour, but not more than that.

Absolutely no time. You can start applying the techniques immediately after purchasing the course. At the most I recommend watching 2 videos of 10 minutes so you understand the method more deeply and make your performance of it more effective. All the videos are guided, you don’t need to learn anything just use the Migraine & Headache Cheetsheet and apply the technique prescribed for the pain you are experiencing.

For Migraines yes. For tension type headaches yes. We have tested this method extensively with many different migraine types, and tension type headaches and found it to be effective. The only type of headache we have not tested this method on yet is Cluster headaches, if you happen to suffer from cluster headaches contact me directly via the contact form here (hyperlink) and I will add you to the trials we will conduct for this type of headache.