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How To Get Rid Of A Headache

If you are having a Headache right now, I know that reading might just be too much.
If that is you then just try the primary technique I use to stop a headache, I put it fully guided in the video below.
After you do it you can continue reading. It takes about 7 minutes to do, and it is totally worth it.



If you’ve watched the video, and performed the exercise with me on the screen one of the following things would have happened:


  • Your headache has completely disappeared, or…
  • It may have disappeared but has come back a bit
  • It just diminished but has not completely disappeared
  • The pain is still there, but you felt some emotional or physiological release
  • It changed its location <- this one is the most surprising effect I would say


If it is any one of these cases then you need a couple more of these exercises. Go to the end of the page to see were you can access them.

What Causes Headaches? And How To Relieve Them

There are many processes that cause headaches:

  • Emotional Tention
  • Muscular Tention
  • Digestive Issues
  • Metabolic issues

but whatever the underlying issue (which I will instruct you how to resolve as well) the pain itself is caused by certain parts of the brain that monitor nerves becoming de-regulated & un-calibrated.


A center deep in the brain called the TCN monitors the main nerve of the face and head, the Trigeminal Nerve.

Normally this center is supposed to inform us when we feel pain coming from the face, like in the case that we were cut or stung by a bee, but in headaches, due to all the causes mentioned above this center begins to send signals of pain without any cause. In addition, two parts of the brain: the Thalamus (the part that filters signals from the nerves) and in the Somatosensory Cortex (the part which interprets the sensations coming from the nerves) become hyper sensitive, they are on the outlook for pain all the time and so react more strongly to these messages.

So what do we need to do?

We need to re-calibrate our brain, so pain is pain, and everything else is not.

How The Method I demonstrated Stops A Headache

Ok, so now I’ll explain how the method in the video works. It’s very cool. It looks very simple, but actually it is a very complex bio-hack that we are applying to ourselves. And when you understand the complexity of it you will understand why no medication or gadget can do what you just did youself.

The pressure that we apply on the sides of the temples presses on the nerve endings in those areas. When that happens it triggers the TCN, the part deep in the brain which is responsible for the pain in migraines, this is why the pain temporarily increases.

Then we use two bio-hacking techniques to Recalibrate the TCN.

One is the awareness that we keep, not reacting and just observing, this awareness activated a part in the front of the brain called the Medial Pre-Frontal Cortex, and this part of the brain can start to recalibrate the TCN, it kind of tells the TCN “look, this is not pain, it’s just pressure”.

But we need to apply another trick to get the TCN to accept the calibration, and this is where the posture, the movement, the weird mouth position and the breathing come into play.

All these together activate a nerve called the Vagus Nerve which completes the action of the recalibration.

You may have heard about the vagus nerve, because there are gadgets that are supposed to activate it externally with electricity to help with migraines. this nerve connects the gut and many other organs to the brain, it is this nerve that is responsible for many of the digestive side effects of migraines.

Why does the pain move to another location in the head?

This happens because we calibrated the part in the TCN which was connected to the nerve endings we were pressing on, sometimes we need to apply the technique to some other nerve endings, for each location we will need different methods to press and different methods to recalibrate, but the basic principle is the same. activate the nerve endings and recalibrate them.

What To Do Next

As I wrote above if you have done the technique I was demonstrating your Headache may have been relieved only temporarily, or just diminished, or most likely moved to another part of the head. This happens because while we re-calibrated one part of the TCN, until we have re-calibrated it completely it can become un-calibrated again.

So what we need to do now is to re-calibrate a couple of more spots. how many? this really depends on the intensity of the headache. For a mild headache it can be one or two more techniques, for a severe headache it can be 5 or 6, or even more. some of the techniques only take a minute to apply, some take more.

How Many ‘Re-calibration Techniques” Are There?

All in all I have 25 intervention techniques that I use, I call these intervention techniques because we can apply them to stop the headache, so they are more than prevention. Of course you don’t need to use all the 25, but I’ve found that each person needs a different set out of these 25 techniques. Each of the techniques is designed to treat a different type of pain, you can see the various pains the techniques can deal with in the diagram below that I took out of “The Migraine & Headache CheatSheet”.

How Can I get all these ‘Re-calibration Techniques”?

I have made guided videos like the one you watched for each of these techniques. I have made videos explaining how to combine these techniques, in which sequence to apply and when. As well as a headache cheat-sheet that can guide you wherever you are.

And then I wrapped everything up together with a bunch of other videos with prevention techniques, auxiliary techniques and tips and made into an online course.

And then I made this website, to find you, who needs this method. So you can have access to this method, so you can learn how to reset your brain and to stop any headache.


Here is what some of the people who have tried it have to say about it:

Can I ask you about this method before committing to purchase it?

Of course! If you are not sure write me a message, I’m always happy to answer. just use the contact form below and send me a message

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